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No New Posts Information Center

Welcome to Hammel Institute. Here you'll find the rules, the plot, and anything else you might need. All threads in this section are mandatory.

If you are new, take a look at our Joining Guide for instructions on applying to Hammel.

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202 2,012 Happy (Fifth) Birthday, Hammel!
by Joshua Bernstein
Mar 4, 2015 11:51:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Applications

Are you in need of some training for your powers? Want to teach at the Institute? We are looking for all original characters, but there are wanted ads in the Filing Cabinet.

Sub-boards: Pending Applications, Declined Applications

9 15 Jack Faustus
by Jack Faustus
Mar 3, 2015 15:20:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Profiles

All accepted applications belong here. So if you want to check up on any characters, take a look.

Sub-boards: Accepted Students, Accepted Staff, Accepted Locals, Accepted College Students, Accepted People United for Safety and Equality, Retired Characters

1,347 4,541 Dr. Evan Lantz [DONE]
by Sha *
Mar 3, 2015 15:44:16 GMT -5
No New Posts The Filing Cabinet - 2 Viewing

Here you can find all the claims your character needs, as well as wanted and adoptable characters, and character ads.

Sub-boards: Limits, Character Ads, Wanted Characters, Thread Trackers, Filled Wanted Character Ads, Retired Character Extras

1,095 9,793 Hammel Staff (In-Character)
by James Lawrence
Mar 4, 2015 12:46:40 GMT -5


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No New Posts Yearbook

The Hammel yearbook files!

Sub-boards: Yearbook 2013-2014, Completed Superlative Polls

77 377 Lucas' yearbook
by Lucas Blacke
Jul 26, 2014 16:01:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Journals

If your character keeps a journal, diary, or photo album, put it in here.

Sub-board: Journal Archive

213 1,042 Guys Don't Keep Diaries
by Paul Wilkerson
Feb 24, 2015 18:45:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Communications

It's so easy to keep in touch now, between instant messaging, cell phones, email, and this board.

Sub-boards: Hammel Bulletin Board , Pilot Ridge Bulletin Board, Phones, Email, Instant Messaging, Snail Mail, The Pilot Ridge Register, Rumor has it..., Communications Archive

386 3,810 Stopping With You
by James Lawrence
Mar 2, 2015 14:02:30 GMT -5

The Hammel Institute

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No New Posts Main Office

Are you a new recruit? Misplaced your schedule? Need a class change? This is your best resource as a new student, or if you need any kind of administrative help.

Sub-board: Main Office Archive

70 723 A Whole New World! [open]
by Paul Wilkerson
Feb 21, 2015 20:02:14 GMT -5
No New Posts Offices

Do you need to see an institute official? This is where you can usually find them.

Sub-boards: Yvette Morgenstern's Office, Dr. James Campbell's Office, Dr. Sean Neville's Office, Side Effects Specialist's Office, Infirmary, Security Office, Offices Archive

301 3,812 Just One Foot Wrong, And I'm Gonna Fall (Sean)
by Oriel Vanguard
Mar 2, 2015 23:30:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Classrooms

What? You thought this was all fun powers and play time? Wrong. This is the place you'll be learning. Yes, learning. You'll be attending your typical high school classes here. And yes. There will be homework.

Sub-boards: Classrooms, English Dept. Office, Art Studio, Photo Lab, Auto Shop, Biology and Chemistry Lab, Home Ec Classroom, Classroom Archive

310 3,439 Catching up (Ray)
by Raylaigh Hawthorne
Mar 1, 2015 13:32:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Training Rooms

Here you're going to spend your time training your body, or your mind, to effectively use your ability.

Sub-board: Training Rooms Archive

192 2,377 Another Day, Another Trainer... (Chase)
by Chase Campbell
Mar 3, 2015 0:56:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Gymnasium

Yes, gym class. The epitome of hell, for some students. Either you're in here because you have to be, or because you want to be. Students come here outside of class time to work out, too. Or show off.

Sub-boards: Pool, Gymnasium Archive

182 2,129 Doggy-paddling (Nory)
by Marnie Sullivan
Mar 3, 2015 23:56:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Library

If you need a quiet place to study, or some research materials, this is the place. Just don't do anything stupid in here. Like light the books on fire. You will be in trouble.

Sub-boards: Librarian's Office, Library Archive

243 2,916 The dreaded English essay... FROM HELL [Jackson]
by Genevieve Duval
Mar 2, 2015 2:15:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Auditorium - 1 Viewing

The auditorium isn't anything special. Really, it's exactly like the gym and the cafeteria, except it has a stage at one end and usually has rows of chairs set up. Sometimes they're cleared away, though, and it's time for a dance.

Sub-boards: Halloween Dance 2014, Valentine's Day Dance 2014, Halloween Dance 2013, Halloween Dance 2012, Valentine's Day Dance 2012, Operation Patriot Career/College Fair, 2012, Valentine's Day Dance, 2011, Autumn Dance, 2010, Auditorium Archive

165 2,854 Shadow Dancing (Garrett)
by Garrett Hale
Mar 2, 2015 4:31:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Research Laboratory

The laboratory is in the basement of one of the smaller buildings on the Hammel Campus. It is much larger below ground, however, with all the equipment our researchers need.

Sub-board: Research Lab Archive

25 166 Breaking into the lab! (Open!)
by Vincent Romanov
Dec 27, 2014 3:49:23 GMT -5
No New Posts Cafeteria

Where the students are going to be eating. No food fights, please.

Sub-board: Cafeteria Archive

152 1,659 Have a Nice Trip (Open)
by Hunter and Terrence Park
Feb 24, 2015 17:10:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Lounge - 1 Viewing

Where the teachers, officials, and administrators head when they need a break. Coffee, vending machines, and complaints are in abundance. No students allowed. Seriously.

Sub-board: Staff Lounge Archive

121 1,208 Time Warp: Trainer In Training (Sean)
by Dr. Sean Neville
Mar 3, 2015 8:00:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Student Lounge

After a hard day of training and classwork, this is where you can relax with your classmates. There's pool tables, pinball, a television to fight over, and lots of seating.

Sub-board: Student Lounge Archive

221 2,470 A One Time Teenage Drama Queen [Sean]
by Dr. Sean Neville
Mar 2, 2015 22:36:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Student Club Offices

Here is a row of offices, dedicated to the different student clubs. Unfortunately, there isn't tons of space, so some clubs have to share. Sorry.

Sub-boards: Band Room, Publications Room, Rehearsal Room, Council Room, Other Club Office, Student Club Offices Archive

36 325 Time Warp: Can you tell that I'm new? (Sean)
by Katya Moschella
Mar 4, 2015 0:30:17 GMT -5

Student Dorms

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No New Posts Dorm First Floor

The ground floor of the dorm has a common area with a large TV and some vending machines. There is also the housing office where students can report illnesses, maintenance issues, and roommate problems. The Head of Housing has a private suite here as well.

Sub-boards: Head of Housing Apartment, Dorm Monitor Apartment 1, Dorm Monitor Apartment 2, Dorm Monitor Apartment 3, First Floor Archives

123 1,477 Stop the World (Ella)
by James Lawrence
Mar 2, 2015 14:02:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Co-Ed Dorms

If you find yourself on these floors, congratulations. These dorms are coveted by students (not so much by parents). Boys and girls room together here, same as the others. Everyone has their own bedroom, and the shared common area.

Sub-boards: Room 201: Benjamin Park, Matt Davis, Cameron Tyler, Room 202: Lucy Serrano, Dennis Pautler, Jane Vance, Room 203: Rain Tseung, Room 204: Oriel Vanguard, Alexandra Patterson, Alexei Kondratyev, Chassy Trouble, Room 205: Piper Regalston, Room 206: Madison Davis, Oliver Barnes, Alanna Darlington, Room 207: Garrett Hale, Laura Heart, Ross Valkyrie, Cianna Rivers, Room 208: Calliope Gallo, Kurt Anderson, Jasper Blackwater, Room 209: Anita Wiley, Marcus Showalter IV, Rodrigo Santos, Room 210: Phoenix Tang, Kitrana Moore, Raylaigh Hawthorne, Akilles Torbin, Room 211: Echo Waverly, Morgan Paige, Room 212: Georgina Speer, Salem Hirch, Lucas Blacke, Room 213: Zoelle Heroux, Ottavio Casagrande, Killian Delany, Room 214: Candence Waterson, Colton Bryan, Audrey Vandergraaf, Room 215: Willow Sheltra, Danni White, Alexei Strauss, Room 216:, Co-Ed Dorm Archive

437 7,691 Time Warp: Miami Throwback [Katya]
by Katya Moschella
Mar 4, 2015 0:20:01 GMT -5
No New Posts Girls' Dorms

The girls only floors of the dormitory wing. Same as the boys, four to a dorm, each with their own bedroom, and a shared common area. No boys allowed. We mean it.

Sub-boards: Room 401: Harmony Muller-Barton, Carleigh Davidson, Safia Chatterjee, Room 402: Navi Holmes, Room 403: Genesis Kyland, Bellatrix Rousseau, Corrine Moliere, Room 404: Adaryn Breslin, Nora Marie Gwinn, Anthy Blacksmith, Marnie Sullivan, Room 405: AJ Lane, Calysma Jamille, Nimah O'Carroll, Michelle Reed, Room 406: Charlotte Greene, Penelope Blaise, Karalie Heise, Room 407: Rachel Kells, Sydney Emerson, Samantha Emerson, Room 408: Amber Jacobs, Genevieve Duval, Lyn and Sansa Mendez, Girls Dorm Archive

145 2,979 Supernova
by Penelope Blaise
Mar 4, 2015 8:46:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Boys' Dorms

These are the boys only floors of the dormitory wing. Four to a dorm, each with their own bedroom, and a shared common area. If you're even thinking about sneaking a girl in, think twice.

Sub-boards: Room 501: Clement Evans, Jesse Adams, Koty Hura, Naozumi Makiguchi, Room 502: Tomer Berelowitz, Erik Stewart, Kunikpok Arrluk, Kaiser Reed, Room 503: , Room 504: Xun Jinsong, Rune LeBeau, Truman May, Room 505: Miles Daugherty, Osiris Jackson, Perry Fairfax, Room 506: Akira Koizumi, Room 507: Kodiak Oubre, Kingston Carmichael, Keaton Derrickson, Room 508: Alex Vasilyevich, Hunter and Terrence Park, Room 509: Oth Gillis, Connor Anderson, Hugh Murphy, Boys Dorm Archive

200 3,157 Time Warp: Last Mile Home (Felix)
by Milan Myles
Mar 3, 2015 14:35:02 GMT -5

School Grounds

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No New Posts Training Field

This is the place to do some outdoor training. Great for the more physical abilities. Doubles as a football/soccer field for gym class, or a place for students to roughhouse.

Sub-board: Training Field Archive

164 2,295 Beware The Frozen Heart (Open)
by Oriel Vanguard
Feb 9, 2015 1:17:13 GMT -5
No New Posts Courtyard

A place outside the school that the students can relax. You can just sit in the grass and chill, or socialize.

Sub-boards: Car Wash 2013, Courtyard Archive

375 4,672 Time Warp: Golden Summer (Sean)
by Dr. Sean Neville
Mar 2, 2015 21:01:30 GMT -5
No New Posts The Pond

A small pond on the school property. It's home to a group of koi, which students can sit and watch, or they can just stick their feet in the water on a hot day. Just be nice to the fishies, got it?

Sub-board: Pond Archive

223 3,142 Steaming waters [Syd]
by Sydney Emerson
Mar 2, 2015 5:49:32 GMT -5

Pilot Ridge

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No New Posts Residences

Most of the staff from Hammel live in Pilot Ridge. It's a fairly quiet town, populated by a few thousand people, and located approximately a mile and a half from the school grounds.

Sub-boards: Campbell Residence, Neville Residence, thefriendzone, A McKenzie Residence, endoftherainbow, detcordwhatdetcord, liquorcabinet, Meian Residence, silverspoons, fbiseeyou, dorksndogs, rainingmetas, Ivaskov/Washington Residence, badgerme, dayoff, L Hunter Residence, getoffmylawn, girlsgirlsgirls, nananabatman, M Batista Residence, birthcontrolwut, D Hyde Residence, almostseaworld, greenhouse, horsingaround, animalhouse, 420, Ballo/K Lilien Residence, kapow, madmen, reedy, A Zhao Residence, A Thompson Residence, S Reid-Estrada Residence, Martins/Bell Residence, seeingdouble, gooooooooodmorningvietnam, P Hobbes Residence, Flint Residence, J Haynes Residence, J Raines Residence, A Pruitt Residence, exesmarkthespot, togobeforeisleep, G Radić Residence, Eaton/Montgomery Residence, Duval/Walker Residence, Tseung Residence, K Lukaczynski Residence, S Tillman Residence, Matsuoka/Ominotago Residence, J Lawrence Residence, holyground, Moschella/Vikenti/Kline/Mitchellson Residence, M Munroe Residence, Hartt Residence, Darcy Residence, Wilkerson Residence, C Novella Residence, C Snyder Residence, R Janggok Residence, F Eogeum Residence, Myles Residence, Jacobs Residence, Wyatt Residence, Jackson Residence, Trudeau Residence, Queen Residence, Voskopoulos Residence, Villanueva-Harris Residence, Fuentes Residence, Rossi/Rowley Residence, Gaines Residence, Kedar/Warren Residence, Spencer Residence, Hersch Residence, Arnaud Residence, Freeman Residence, Residences Archive

684 10,861 Do I know you? [Jay]
by Jen Mitchellson
Mar 4, 2015 2:20:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Public Buildings

Every town has a few public buildings. Here you will find the public schools, town hall, and the Pilot Ridge Library.

Sub-boards: Town Hall, Pilot Ridge Elementary, Medical Clinic, Strickland Sanctuary, WPRG Radio Station, Pilot Ridge Library, Firehouse, Police Station, River Jordan Catholic Church, Pilot Ridge Community Gym, Public Buildings Archive

87 1,011 A Happy Face, A Happy Smile, A Happy Point Of View
by Osiris M. Jackson
Mar 3, 2015 22:51:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Downtown

Downtown is home to many cafes, shops, and restaurants. If you would like a sub-board added here for a business establishment, PM an admin.

Sub-boards: Operation Patriot Headquarters, Velvet-Tone Coffeehouse, Harper's Sweet Shoppe, Muller's Self Defense, Books of Honor, The Globe Theater, Taiga Memories, Clothing Poverty, Honest Abe's, New2You Consignment Shop, Dusty Ink, The Book Nook, Bubblebeam Tea Shop, Mimosa Sundays, Ink on the Vine, The Ark, Mother Marisol's Traditional Sweet Shop, The Rochester Inn, Marietta's Deli, Newman's Fish Market, James's Auto, The Golden Globe Cinema, Bernstein and Tremblay Law Office, Yasmine Hawthorne's Office, Munroe's Place, Back to the Drawing Board, King and Queen Antiquities, SuperKwik Food & Fuel Mart, Office of Marielena Fuentes, LPC. Psychotherapy for Adolescents, Adults, & Meta-humans, Hidden Dungeon Comics & Collectibles, Downtown Archive

928 11,650 What Stranger Danger? (Remle)
by Midori Hawkins
Mar 3, 2015 1:40:24 GMT -5
No New Posts Club District

Of course a town, even a small one, has a club or two. Some of the older students, and the staff, of course, head here to blow off some steam, fueled by good music and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. If you would like a sub-board added here for a business establishment, PM an admin.

Sub-boards: Kali's Kafe, "I Love Salsa" Dance Club, Chains of Kindness Cafe, The Churchkey Bar, Atmosphere, Club District Archive

413 5,537 The Prowl [Rya]
by Rhys Freeman
Mar 3, 2015 14:10:50 GMT -5
No New Posts The Mall

Not huge, but it has a range of decent shops, and a food court. And Starbucks. If you would like a sub-board added here for a business establishment, PM an admin.

Sub-boards: The Holey Land, The Quarter Note, From the Spectrum, New World Apothecary, Mall Archive

294 3,580 It's HOW Much? [open]
by Anjali Kedar
Mar 1, 2015 21:58:16 GMT -5
No New Posts The Lake

Just outside of Pilot Ridge is a fairly large lake. Though some of the town residents take small boats out onto it, there is an area designated for swimming, with docks and a rope swing. A great place to go on a summer day.

Sub-boards: Pilot Ridge Community Field Day 2014, Pilot Ridge Community Field Day 2013, Pilot Ridge Community Field Day 2011, Lake Archive

335 4,156 Some Kind of Madness [Midori]
by Midori Hawkins
Feb 21, 2015 18:13:29 GMT -5

Beyond the Borders

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No New Posts Vermont

You can't find everything in Pilot Ridge, so you might have to travel to other parts of our fair state.

Sub-boards: Maddock General Hospital, Greenview Community College, University of Vermont, LGBT Youth Center, Bessie’s Breakfast and Burgers, Flea Market/Farmer's Market, Mountain View Petting Zoo, Vermont Archive

367 6,150 Time Warp: To Lean On
by Penelope Blaise
Mar 4, 2015 11:08:06 GMT -5
No New Posts The United States

Our students come from all over, so if you wanted to, say, bring a boyfriend home to meet your mother, this is where you'd play it out, provided your mother lives in the United States.

Sub-boards: Hammel Student Retreat 2014, Hammel Student Retreat 2013, Hammel Student Retreat 2012, United States Archive

199 3,704 Time Warp: Challenge Accepted [Jesse]
by Jesse Adams
Mar 2, 2015 23:22:49 GMT -5
No New Posts The Rest of the World

Since the Hammel Institute is a facility of international renown, the faculty and students can, and do, come from all over the world. If you would like another sub-board added to this section, PM an admin.

Sub-boards: The United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Greece, Rest of the World Archives

41 743 Time Warp: In Case of Fire
by Penelope Blaise
Mar 4, 2015 9:36:49 GMT -5
No New Posts Anniversary Site Event - 1 Viewing

Hammel Anniversary AU Site Events

All threads for Hammel Anniversary Site Events should be put in the appropriate sub-board and only in that sub-board.

Sub-boards: 2015 Anniversary Site Event, 2014 Anniversary Site Event, 2013 Anniversary Site Event

89 2,128 AU: This Is All Your Fault (Closed)
by Kodiak Oubre
Mar 4, 2015 12:57:14 GMT -5

Out Of Character

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No New Posts General Discussion

Whatever you want to talk about, you can do it here.

Sub-board: Personal Stuff

197 2,267 Hunger Games Sim Hammel style
by Erik Stewart
Mar 2, 2015 22:06:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Contests and Awards - 4 Viewing

Of the Month nominations, polling, and winners go here, as well as any other contests we hold. Check in for a chance to win something for your writing or art.

Sub-boards: Old Nominations/Polls, Completed Writing/Graphic Challenges

531 2,426 March Writing Challenge: 100 Stories. 1 Month.
by Gryphon Matsuoka
Mar 4, 2015 13:41:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Games - 2 Viewing

All those fun forum games, In-character and Out, are in here. Have fun!

Sub-board: In-Character Games

109 7,550 Kiss, Miss or Diss
by Georgina Speer
Mar 3, 2015 16:27:43 GMT -5
No New Posts Absence

Going away? Leave us a note here.

As we have the character retirement system, absence notices from two months prior with no return date/past return date will be deleted at the start of the activity check.

37 173 Longer than planned.
by Anthy Blacksmith
Mar 4, 2015 10:48:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Creative Space

If you want to show off your talent, you can do it here!

Sub-boards: Art, Writing, Secret Santas, Archive

210 2,507 Apple's shop of graphical wonders <3
by Dr. Sean Neville
Mar 4, 2015 10:04:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Advertising

Plug your board here! Please, only post once though, and make sure your site allows guests to post ads as well.

Sub-boards: Rogue (First Link), Tagged (Linking Back), Members' Section

by turtle
Mar 3, 2015 11:03:35 GMT -5